Managing Your Subscription

Managing your subscriptions to all our feasibility applications or memberships is easy. 


Click this link


It will take you to a page that looks like this...



Enter the email address you used to signup for your subscription and you will be sent a unique link to access this area.


Check your email and your SPAM folder (just in case). You will find an email that looks link the image below:



Click the link in your email and you will be guided to the member’s area where you can:


  1. Manage your subscription

  2. Update your credit card information

  3. Update your contact information, like your name, address and email.

  4. Cancel your subscription

  5. And view your One-time purchases, Payment plans & Subscriptions

  6. View invoices for all your past payments



Simply click the Subscriptions button and it will show you your:


  1. Trials you are in currently

  2. Current Subscriptions

  3. And Cancelled Subscriptions


You can then easily cancel your subscription.

IMPORTANT: Please note that cancellation occurs immediately. You will not be able to access the addons or continue with your trial as soon as you cancel your subscription.

Other ways to manage your subscriptions


Members Area (Video Training Area)

The link to manage your subscriptions is also present in the members’ area for which an email is sent out separately to access the video training.

Access link to members area:

Link In your Invoice

The link to manage your subscription is also present at the bottom of every invoice we send you via our checkout system.