This section explains the Residential Sales section, in the PDS SFC v5.0 sheet. For this example, set the values of the fields as given below:

  • Unit of Measurement - m2

  • Tax Name - NA

  • Tax Rate - 0%

  • Margin Scheme - Yes

  • Land Purchase Price | Acquisition Cost - $1,200,000.0

  • Total Saleable Units - Residential - 4

  • Total Saleable Units - Commercial - 1

  • Total Units - 5

  • Sensitivity - Total Costs - 5%

  • Sensitivity - Total Sales - 5%


In the PDS SFC v5.0 sheet, click the + icon in a row to expand the rows of the section and click the - icon in a row to collapse the rows of the section. 


This section provides the Project GRV / Total Sales of the project based on the Residential Sales and Commercial Sales details. In this section, we will look at the Residentials Sales in detail. For more information on commercial sales, refer to SFC Commercial Sales.

In the Residential Sales section, there are 2 methods by which you can calculate feasibility. 

  • In Method 1, you have to enter the Net Saleable Area / Unit. Net Saleable Area is the area (in the selected unit of measurement, which in this case is m2) of each residential unit. The Total NSA In m2 will be calculated automatically. Enter the Sale Value Per m2. Sale Value Per m2 is the market value for each m2. 

Note: It is recommended to select Method 1, only when you are sure of the Net Saleable Area and the Sale Value of the project; else select Method 2.

  • In Method 2, you have to enter the Average. GRV / unit. Average. GRV / unit is the approximate or average sale value of each unit in the locality of the project.  Based on the Average. GRV / unit, the Sale Value Per m2 will be calculated.


The Project GRV / Total Sales will be calculated and displayed on the right pane with details including Sales/Unit and Total.