Lead Gantt is the best Google sheet gantt chart available in the market. It is built to maximize Google Sheet features. Apart from being a gantt chart, Lead Gantt doubles as a task manager and workflow manager.

Lead Gantt is all you need to create beautiful and functional Google Sheet gantt charts for project planning and scheduling in Google Sheets. You can use it to plan projects, schedule projects, create work break down structures, and save previously completed projects as project plan templates for Google Sheets.

Lead Gantt also allows you to manage projects, mini-projects, sub-projects, tasks, checklists, and workflows in Google Sheets.

It is designed to be used and re-used as a task manager, checklist manager as well as to create workflows for repetitive tasks and easily link to any project in Google Sheets.


Lead Gantt can be used to run a single project or create multiple mini and sub-projects. It can efficiently link and roll-up all updates from all mini and sub-projects into the main project in Google Sheets.