One Minute Feaso is a property development feasibility tool that allows you to run your numbers on a potential development project in under one minute.


One Minute Feaso allows you to flip, develop, or control any property for profit. You can do all these quickly and easily without spending considerable time and resources.


If you know nothing about development feasibility or real estate pro forma, then One-Minute Feaso will help you conduct property development feasibility in the simplest, easiest, and comprehensive way.


One Minute Feaso comes loaded with a wide range of features like sensitivity analysis and separate finance calculations for land and construction, the residual value of land, development margin on cost and revenue, and so on.


One Minute Feaso allows you to discover the exact amount of money you will need to maximize your profits. It allows you to skip past all the mistakes and obstacles that are hurdles to most developers. It also allows you to have more certainty by allowing you to assess the impact of cost and sales to the very bottom line and analyze sensitivity, for different scenarios.