Before you begin calculating feasibility for a property, you must complete the project set-up. 


To set-up the project:


1. Open a new google sheet, navigate to Add-ons > LeadDeveloper Feasibility Suite One Minute Feaso.


The One Minute Feaso sidebar will be displayed.


2. Click Create.


One Minute Feaso sheet will be created.


To set-up the project, you should enter the address of the property, the tax type applicable, percentage of tax applicable, and currency symbol for all the calculations. 


3. Enter the address of the property for which you want to calculate feasibility in the Project field. 

4. To view your property on the map, click the Google Map link below your project address.

5. Select the type of tax applicable to the property from the Tax dropdown list. If no tax type is applicable for your property, then select NA.

6. Enter the percentage of tax applicable to the property in the next field (under column J and row 2).

7. Enter the currency symbol that you will be using in your calculation in the next field (under column K and row 2). Once you input the currency symbol, all the calculations will be done and displayed in the same symbol, on the entire sheet.


Note: To use a currency symbol that is not on your keyboard, on the menu navigate to Format Number More Formats More Currencies and then select and copy the required currency symbol.