Smart REIA is a property development feasibility application that allows you to analyse and compare investment properties in minutes and accelerate your portfolio and wealth.

With Smart REIA you can not only figure out exactly the current day’s worth of your investment, but you can also analyse its worth in 5 years from today.

Smart REIA allows you to compare and contrast up to five different investment opportunities and make the decision based on facts and numbers rather than hunches.

The benefits of Smart REIA are:

  • Save Hours - Analyse and compare properties in minutes so you can avoid expensive mistakes and missed opportunities.

  • Calculate True Value - Find out the real worth of a property so you do not pay a cent more than you should.

  • Discounted Cash Flow - Value your investment based on the future cash flows that it brings in with break-even analysis and avoids nasty surprises.

  • Lifetime Overview - Perform analysis and financial projections (up to 30 years) to get an overview of the life of your investment.

  • Decision Metrics - Provides the quickest, easiest way to learn about solid property investing.

  • Find The Winner - Rate each property you analyse on a scale of 1 to 5 for each of the decision metrics then objectively select your investment with the best possible potential.