This section allows you to manage your company information including Company Name, Tax Name, Tax Rate, and more.

1. Open LD_MasterData and navigate to the Company Info sheet.

Descriptions for the fields of the CompanyInfo sheet are:

  1. Company Name - Name of the company

  2. Tax Name - Specify whether GST or VAT is applicable or if it is not applicable (NA)

  3. Tax Rate - Percentage of tax applicable

  4. Define Company Number - Detail the company’s number. For example, if you have an Australian Business Number or LLC Number, mention it here. Otherwise, enter NA if it is not applicable.

  5. Company Number - Unique number of the company

  6. Company Logo Dark URL - URL of the company’s logo with a dark background

  7. Company Logo Light URL - URL of the company’s logo with a light background

  8. Square Logo - URL of the company’s square logo

  9. Full Address - Complete address of the company

  10. Phone - Primary phone number of the company

  11. Email - Contact email address of the company

  12. Unit of Measurement - Specify whether the unit of measurement is m2 or ft2

  13. Currency Symbol - Symbol of the currency used. You can change this only once as it will affect the feasibility report.

  14. Company Name Lower Case - Company name in lowercase letters without any space. This information will aid later in communication logs.

   15. Add - Add additional companies by adding new rows.